Dear Dr. Bernstein:

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 33 years. I read your book, Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution, about 10 months ago. I was amazed by all the information about diabetes, in one book! This book was indeed, a complete guide to achieving normal blood sugars. I had considered myself well educated on diabetes. Over the years my personal doctors have told me I was doing very well. However, my hemoglobin A1c tests have always ranged from 7.0 – 8.5. To really be in “good control” and prevent complications (long term), a diabetic should keep their blood sugars in the non-diabetic range (hemoglobin A1c less than 6.0). However, it was difficult for me to get a A1c of 7.0…

Since reading your book, my last 3 hemoglobin A1c tests have all been less than 6.0, one of my goals for many years. My most recent A1c was 5.5, and it’s really not hard to do now… Your book is truly an amazing resource of information for all aspects of diabetes (type 1 or2). I now communicate with many diabetics and strongly encourage them to visit your web site, buy your book and use it to normalize their blood sugars. I now believe, with only very few exceptions, that any diabetic can get their A1c’s less than 6.0 if they follow recommendations in your book. I could comment on so many helpful sections of your book… For example, the chapter on “Strange Biology” has helped me and many other diabetics understand and control those “unusual things” that can be very confusing and depressing. Your book has helped me get to the level of control I had just hoped for, for so many years.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this book together. And we should all be thankful that you had a vision one day in October of 1969, when you saw an advertisement in Lab World about some new device, a blood sugar meter, that could maybe give a reading in 1 minute, using only a single drop of blood; magical…

Dennis Green – Phoenix, Arizona
(diabetic for 33 years)

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