I have been on Dr. Bernstein’s plan for 4 weeks now.  I began taking insulin x 4 daily before Christmas 2001 after years after oral meds. and many complications.  Insulin really controlled my BS better than orals anyway, but I was not pleased with the overall results.  The reponse from my physicians and diabetes educators to my concerns about a 20 pound weight gain in 5 months sent me looking for alternative approaches.  “You’re going to gain weight” was unacceptable to me.

I did an internet search and found Dr. Brnstein’s website.  I went out the next day, bought the book and have not looked back since.  I am now in excellent control and have changed my insulin intake from 10-16 Humalin units before meals and 55 units Humalog N at bedtime to 6-8u at breakfast, 4-6u at lunch and supper and 20u Humalog N at bedtime.  I am not hungry and my BS are ranging between 3.8 and 6.5 mmol.  I feel great and can’t wait to walk into my doctor’s office in a few weeks with a much lower HgA1C.  I’ve already lost 10 of the 20 pounds!  I’ll lend him my book.

I expect to improve even further, as I’m just now getting around to starting the exercise component.

Please continue to challenge the ADA/CDA approved dietary recommendations.  My results have convinced me of the logic of your approach.  It works!  Thank you.

Steve Kavanagh, RN
18 Brookview Rd
Brampton, ON  L6X 2V9  Canada


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