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Foreword by Frank Vinicor, M.D., M.P.H.

Preface to the Revised and Updated Edition

My Life with Diabetes: 64 Years and Counting
In this chapter, Dr. Bernstein tells the remarkable story of his life, including his self-discovered technique for controlling his blood sugars, recovery from over a half-dozen common diabetes-related conditions, and the conflict he encountered with the medical community which still doesn’t believe it’s possible.


Before & After: 14 Patients Share Their Experiences
Much of it in their own words, 14 of Dr. Bernstein’s patients tell the stories of their lives before trying his solution and the life-changing results they experienced as a result.


Before You Start

Chapter 1 — Diabetes The Basics
As a Type I diabetic himself, Dr. Bernstein offers personal insight.
Diabetes The Basics: Introduction
Diabetes The Basics: The Body In and Out of Balance
(insulin and type 1 and type 2 diabetes)
Diabetes The Basics: Blood Sugars: The Nondiabetic versus the Diabetic
(blood sugars and type 1 and type 2 diabetes)

Chapter 2 — Tests: A Baseline Measure of Your Disease and Risk Profile

Chapter 3 — Your Diabetic Tool Kit: Supplies You Will Need and Where to Get Them

Chapter 4 — How and When to Measure Blood Sugar

Chapter 5 — Recording Blood Sugar Data: Using the GLUCOGRAF II Data Sheet

Chapter 6 — Strange Biology: Phenomena Peculiar to Diabetes That Can Affect Blood Sugar

Chapter 7 — The Laws of Small Numbers
Important physiologic and practical reasons why conventional attempts at blood sugar control just don’t work.

Chapter 8 — Establishing a Treatment Plan: The Basic Treatment Plans and How We Structure Them



Chapter 9 — The Basic Food Groups, or Much of What You’ve Been Taught About Diet is Probably Wrong
Dr. Bernstein’s reduces the complex “food pyramid” to three food groups, and warns how damaging the typical American diet can be to diabetics and nondiabetics alike.
The Basic Food Groups: Protein & Fat

The Basic Food Groups: The Insulin/Fat Connection
The Basic Food Groups: Carbohydrate
The Basic Food Groups: Some Words about Alcohol

Chapter 10 — Diet Guidelines: Basic Treatment for All Diabetics
Prepare for some big surprises about the foods we’ve come to believe were really “sugar-free” and learn which types of foods Dr. Bernstein advocates in his diet plan for diabetics.
Diet Guidelines: The Importance of a Restricted Carbohydrate Diet
Diet Guidelines: No-No Foods — Eliminating Simple Sugars
Diet Guidelines: No-No’s in a Nutshell

Diet Guidelines: So What’s Left to Eat?
Diet Guidelines: Increase Your Awareness

Chapter 11 — Creating a Customized Meal Plan

Chapter 12 — Weight Loss–If You’re Overweight
Scientific insight about why people become overweight, plus methods for you to lose weight the right way.
Weight Loss: The Thrifty Genotype: Why do I have Carbohydrate Cravings?
Weight Loss: Getting it Off and Keeping it Off
Weight Loss: How to Estimate Your Real Food Requirements

Chapter 13 — Using Self-Hypnosis to Curb Carbohydrate Craving or Overeating, and Introducing a Relatively Benign “Miracle”Medication That Does the Same Thing

Chapter 14 — Using Exercise to Enhance Insulin Sensitivity

Chapter 15 — Oral Insulin-Sensitizing Agents, Insulin-Mimetic Agents, and Amylin Analog
If diet and exercise are not adequate to bring your blood sugars under control, the next level of treatment to consider is oral blood sugar–lowering medication, commonly known as oral hypoglycemic agents (OHAs).
Medication: Insulin-Sensitizers & Insulin Mimetics
Medication: Getting Started: Some Typical Protocols
Medication: Disadvantages & Other Considerations
Medication: Symlin Amylin Analog

Chapter 16 — Insulin: The Basics of Self-Injection

Chapter 17 — Important Information About Various Insulins

Chapter 18 — Simple Insulin Regimens

Chapter 19 — Intensive Insulin Regimens

Chapter 20 — How to Prevent and Correct Low Blood Sugars

Chapter 21 — How to Cope with Dehydration, Dehydrating Illness, and Infection

Chapter 22 — Delayed Stomach-Emptying: Gastroparesis
Gastroparesis: Causes and Effects
Gastroparesis: Diagnosing
Gastroparesis: Approaches to Controlling Gastroparesis
Gastroparesis: Controlling with Medication
Gastroparesis: Approaches Without Using Medication
Gastroparesis: Treating Low Blood Sugars When Your Stomach Is Slow To Empty

Chapter 23 — Routine Follow-up Visits to Your Physician

Chapter 24 — What You Can Expect from Virtually Normal Blood Sugars


Your Diabetic Cookbook

Chapter 25 — Recipes for Low-Carbohydrate Meals
A selection of recipes from The Diabetes Diet and Diabetes Solution

A p p e n d i c e s

Appendix A — What About the Widely Advocated Dietary Restrictions on Fat, Protein, and Salt, and the Current High-Fiber Fad?
Dr. Bernstein answers with real-world, common-sense scientific analysis of why certain foods have been stressed as “good” and others as “bad” by the medical establishment.
Appendix A: High Carbohydrate Diet & Risk of Heart Disease
Appendix A: Why is Protein Restriction so Common?
Appendix A: Restrictions on Salt Intake?
Appendix A: What About Dietary Fiber?

Appendix B — Don’t Permit Hospitalization or Lengthy Outpatient Procedures to Impair Your Blood Sugar Control

Appendix C — Drugs That May Affect Blood Glucose Levels

Appendix D — Foot Care for Diabetics
Foot-saving advice for diabetics, including a list of do’s and don’ts to help keep you on your feet for years to come.

Appendix E — Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


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