Dear Dr Bernstein,

How does one begin to thank someone for saving their life?  I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in January 2002.  It was devastating because I have had ten members of my father’s family die of Diabetes related problems (including my father). My elder sister had also developed the disease and was already taking seven tablets a day and still not achieving blood glucose levels in single figures.  In the UK we use a slightly different method of measuring BG.  I have found that to understand your book properly I just divide your BG figures by 18 to convert them to the UK equivalent.

I was put on the usual high carb diet and given no medications and have been left alone for three months to “see how I get on”.  Well, until I discovered your book I was not getting on well at all.  My blood glucose readings were hovering in the range of 10 to 14 and I can remember my absolute delight when I actually saw a reading of 9.4 at one time!  However, since buying your precious book and following your regime my blood glucose levels have dropped to 6.4 – 7.1 (apart from the dawn phenomenon which, without any medication I am unsure how I can overcome this).  I fully expect my BG levels to fall further over the coming weeks (after all, I have only been on the regime for 11 days!!!!!!  I expect that before my next visit to my doctor in two weeks I will have reached normal levels and will be extremely proud to tell her how I have achieved this with your help.

am so very grateful that I found your book before it was too late.  My eyesight has not been affected and my body shows no signs yet of any diabetes problems apart from a very slight raise in protein in the kidney for which I have been prescribed Ramipril 10mg per day.  Now I am confident that I will never develop complications and that I will live a full and happy life with normal BG levels.

I read your book with tears streaming down my face when I discovered that, at last, there was somebody who truly understood what I had been and was going through.  I also recommended the book to my sister.  My sister and her husband (also diabetic and extremely ill after 7 strokes) both rang me to tell me that they were overcome with emotion at finding a solution at long last to their problems.

Thank you so very much.  These are very inadequate words to express my feelings.  I wish I could visit you myself to thank you properly.  You are wonderful.

Mandy Rodrigues
67 Lloyd Street,
Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 2YP
North Wales, United Kingdom

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