Is this a joke or what? After almost 40 years of busting a gut to maintain HA1C levels just over 6 on a high carbo diet, I make the transition to your regimen and am getting blood glucose numbers to die for – FROM DAY ONE! Admittedly my intensive therapy allowed me to make wise adjustments (not to mention being anal-retentive…), but I never expected the results to be so dramatic so quickly. For three days of constant monitoring I can’t budge the damn readings over 125! And I consistently knock out numbers of 85 and 90!!! I am settling in to your diet, etc., but just the boost in self satisfaction is inebriating. I no longer feel as though my body is betraying me. Constantly testing me. Constantly disappointing me. All this after my docs place me at the head of their “class.” Apparently I have been in the wrong school.

The only thing I am finalizing is my over-night BG. I began with my usual long term 15 units, but after checking once or twice each night, have settled on 5. FIVE! So now I wait until my February physical with all the lab results to see if I can really crow.

But in the interim, just wanted to get back to you to let off some steam–happy steam. I keep waiting for the wheels to fall off, but after 3 full days of 8-10 tests, I am beginning to gain optimism. To think I now consider splitting a Dex4 tablet to get me “just right” is mind boggling.

So…when do I wake up from this dream? Is this a joke or what…?

Best regards,
Will Nehs
Oconomowoc, WI

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