It has begun!

Actually, it all began 7 years ago. I was diagnosed with diabetes. “Just don’t eat any sweets and take 15 units a day of 70/30.” Those were my doctor’s instructions.

Last month, I was lucky, yes lucky to end up in the hospital because I could not stop vomiting. In there, I met Leo Vazquez, a diabetes educator. I went to his week-long course and he opened my eyes. I practically had not paid any atention to my diabetes. (I was following the Dr.’s orders which I thought was enough.) Man, was I wrong.

I have been reading and learning about this disease like a madman. During my reserach I found your book. Finally! It makes sense! The material in your book makes it all clear and easy to follow. I just have one suggestion: Make the book cover yellow or hot pink to make sure no one misses it on the bookshelf. Unfortunatelly the name “Diabetes for Dummies” is taken. (They should sell your book under that name to other doctors.)

Anyway, I got a new job and I am moving to Dallas, TX. I would love to come and see you but I won’t have any “vacation” time until a couple of months from now. In the meantime, are there any doctors in Dallas that know and recommend following your system?

By the way, my last Hemoglobin test (in November) showed an average BG of 300.

My past 6 readings: 89, 110, 115, 99, 145, 101.

It has begun!

Thank you.

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