Dr. Bernstein,

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!! Before I started eating a low carb high protein diet on June 23, 1999, my lipids were HDL: 55, LDL: 52 Triglycerides: 376.

After three months, they are now HDL: 68 LDL 52 and Triglicerides are 116!!!! Needless to say, I no longer take Glipicide and Lopid. I am a Type II Diabetic and my before HbA1c was 6.2, it is now 5.5%.

My doctor is ecstatic. I have also lost 10 pounds with 35 more to go. Until you offered an alternative, my blood sugars were creeping up and I could see me getting worse and worse. I was eating an 1100 calorie A.D.A. sanctioned diet, hungry all the time and gaining weight!!!! What is the matter with the lousy state of the health care and nutritian community that they don’t see what is happening. My doctor was skeptical about my trying it and now he is a believer!!! Again, thank you and understand there will be a low carb segment on 20/20 on October 1st and more low carb info on Oprah October 4th…..I want to see you on these programs. Diabetics need to know about this ASAP. You cannot argue with the numbers.
Shirley Meade, Ohio

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