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Dear Dr. Bernstein,
I have recently read your book and must congratulate you on the most informative and revolutionary contents. A friend in the USA recommended the book to me as, at the age of 64, I have adult onset diabetes.

Having read your book and drastically changed my dietary habits, I find that the symptoms have virtually all disappeared, so it does seem to prove that the problem is diet-related. I am also following your resistance training exercise plan, and this appears to be working for me, too.

What is extraordinary is that the major institutions, such as the British Diabetic Association, are still advocating the high carbohydrate/low fat diet approach to diabetes, despite the growing evidence from yourself and other sources that such a diet is harmful!

The main reason for my letter is that I feel you would like to know that stevia-derived sweeteners are banned in Europe since they are deemed to cause problems with the male reproductive system. It would be wise to be cautious in the use of these products. Details of the problem can be found on the Food Standards Agency Web site .
United Kingdom



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