A month ago I was told by a PA about your thinking regarding the treatment of diabetes by keeping the blood sugars under control. I am doing this as good as I can and am shedding the three Tolazomide pills I was taking on top of Metformin 850, taking 2 per day. It is simply great how well it works. I speak about this wherever I go, recommending your way of doing things to everybody and his brother.

I guess you can feel how enthusiastic I am, and rightly so. Beforehand, I was just getting pill after pill, and it never controlled my blood sugars. Now I keep them in check.

I sat next to a lady from South Africa on a plane ride to Vienna. We got talking, and when she told me her husband was suffering greatly from diabetes I promised to fax her the info about your book. Run, don’t walk, to get this book.

Klaus Meier, UK

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