A million thanks! A Type II on 850 Glucophage 2x a day:

MONDAY:  My 2 hour readings, 219 and 268. First time to take 2 hour readings, usually do right before meals. Extremely depressing to say the least! Especially after walking/jogging regularly, etc.

MONDAY NIGHT. Discovered your site, read the entire thing.

TUESDAY MORNING. Bought your book after putting your ideas into action with my breakfast.

TUESDAY NIGHT: My 2 hour readings for the day’s meals were: 136, 140, 134. That’s much lower than my 4 hour/before eating readings were!

Talk about proof! I never realized how far off the track I was till I read your clear, wonderful explanation of your system and how and WHY it works. It all makes sense and places things in perspective better than any system or discussion of diabetes I’ve found in 4 years of reading.

Thank you — and feel free to use me as an example. I’ll be glad to send you details or a follow-up if you like.

I have a question or two based on all this, but won’t burden you unless you have a moment. I realize how busy you are and, again, I simply wanted to thank you!

Brian Robertson

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