Dr. Bernstein,

My husband and I received his diagnosis as a Type II five months ago.  We were very disturbed, obviously, by the unsettling and startling news that this (then) man of only 34 years and normal weight had this condition.  I had already been lowering my carbohydrates after reading Protein Power by the Drs. Eades, and noticed that your book was very highly recommended by them.  I immediately ordered this incredibly valuable resource, and my husband began to devour reading materials from many different sources.  Your way of life made more sense to him than that described in other texts, and he drastically cut carbohydrates and became a more regular exerciser.

Several weeks ago, he had another A1C test, with a result of 5.8!!  His physician is very impressed with his dedication.  I am very thankful to you, Doctor, for giving him the tools he needed to take charge of his own body, and ultimately, destiny.  I want to spend many more years with my  healthy husband.

Charlotte, NC

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