I live in Nairobi and regularly work for long periods in humanitarian crises in Congo, Sudan, Burundi and Somalia – not ideal places to get medical treatment!  Four months ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes as a result of symptoms including excessive urinating and blurred vision. I had a blood sugar reading of 384.

The best medical advice in Nairobi – low fat, no sugar, eat more vegetables. I did this, and even with extra exercise managed to get up to 400 plus.  Then I trawled through Amazon, found your book and ordered it.  I read it while travelling in Africa and started to put it into practice straight away – result, within four days, blood sugar down at 90.  That’s where it’s stayed, only straying over 120 once when I picked up an infection somewhere or other.  My weight has come down from 90kgs to 79kgs, and still falling.

It’s hard to find non-carbohydrate food in some of the countries I visit, and I have to get testing strips imported through friends, but as I’ve put your technique into practice I feel I have real control.  I love my job and the opportunity to work out here, and I suspect that without your book I might have had serious problems.

So thanks, and I’ll look forward to hearing how mainstream you become over the years!

Best wishes,
Nigel Marsh


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