Following your guidelines over 2 years, I have lost 52 lbs., my BG is normal, HbA1c is 4.5! You have the right idea, why don’t the “authorities” see it? My doctor is in awe- my health has never been better, I look good and feel good. I refused traditional treatment when I was diagnosed 2 years ago (prescribed diabeta), and I’m glad I did. Through diet, exercise and weight loss, I’ve achieved what I believe to be a permanent solution to my medical problem. I have extensive nerve damage (especially to my feet) because my doctor failed to diagnose me until two years ago, I just wish I had read your book many years ago, before this whole thing came down upon me. All my life my triglycerides have been very high, in the 800’s, but cutting out the carbs has lowered them to an almost normal 233! So many doctors have treated my condition with drugs, unsuccessfully, and told me to avoid fats in my diet. Now, all I eat is fat and protein, and the blood test results improve! You are a brilliant man, but I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes- your “treatment” is too controversial and unproven. All I know is it works for me. Maybe someday your methods will be accepted by the “authorities”. Thanks again, your book has given me back my health!

Rob Kuhnemund

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