I had checked out every book on Diabetes Type 2 to try to stay off medications. The doctors, educators and dieticians were no help–none of them believed an obese woman could stay off meds with diet and exercise. I’ve done it for 2 years but now the numbers were creeping up there and they wanted to start me on glucophage.

Dr. Bernstein’s was the last book I read–I attacked the plan with zeal and in just 12 days had dropped my average blood sugars! It was so easy–stay away from carbs–don’t eat 60 grams per meal, make it 6 or 12 or 15. My doctor is astounded that I didn’t need the rx she gave me. Dr. B. explained all about why I am high in the mornings and how to approach that. He explained about the fast sugars and the slow sugars, and gave me lots of options to try. All the rest of the world keeps telling me to eat more which just keeps driving my sugars higher. With this book I have found a way to stay off the meds AND I made it through the holiday season with beautiful sugar numbers when everyone else was soaring high.

The book contained a lot of specific things I could try to keep those numbers down, not just the conventional drivel you see in every diabetic education course and dietician’s plan. He has been on the plan himself for years, so the subject is close rather than just a bunch of #s. If you want to be encouraged to manage this disease yourself, this book is for you. The rest of the medical community won’t even take 2 minutes to listen to me because I am overweight, they just plug me into a medication which I don’t need. Dr. B. approaches it from the standpoint that you can lick this disease if you just put some effort into it. After a month on the plan, I’ve had great success controlling my blood sugars and my doc is happy my glycosylated hemoglobin dropped this last time, thanks to Dr. Bernstein’ Diabetes Solution.

Linda Stenson
Minnesota, USA

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