I am a newly diagnosed (eight months), thirty year old, British, male Type 1 diabetic and simply must write to tell you what a profound difference Dr. Bernstein’s book and methods have made to my life. On diagnosis, I was put on the usual high carbohydrate/low fat diet and struggled for sixth months to maintain normal sugars and to prevent my weight from creeping up and up (which it did, relentlessly). Two months into Dr. Bernstein’s diet and my insulin requirement has fallen by over two thirds and I feel absolutely great: no more endless snacks and fruit and the ability to live a normal life as a busy school teacher. Naturally, the British Diabetic Association’s public view is that low carb diets are just fads. Why this madness? Thank you so much, Dr. Bernstein, for giving me my life back. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to you.

If Claire Burke, whose testimonial is on your web-site, would like to swap stories, I’d love to hear from her. Our situations look pretty similar.

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