I’m a nutritionist who works with diabetic patients, among others.

I recently introduced a Type I diabetic (for 50 years) to your book. He was  initially resistant, being very well-educated (read brainwashed) as to the necessity for a high carb, low fat diet, the danger of protein to the kidneys, etc. I asked him to please just try your method for two weeks. After five days he called me to report that he had been able to reduce his insulin by half, and that for the first time in his entire life he was having normal blood sugars that stayed normal all day. Also, since medication had blunted his adrenaline response to hypoglycemia, he had literally been going to sleep each night not knowing whether he would wake up in the morning, or slip into a coma. You have made such a huge difference in my clients’ lives. Thank you.

Amanda Claiborne, M.A., C.N.E.
Transformational Nutrition for All Ages and Sizes
Sebastopol, CA

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