Other Properties of Alpha Lipoic Acid

April 2000
Diabetes Interview

As an adjunct to the article in the January 2000 issue of Diabetes Interview relating to alpha lipoic acid, I suggest you do an additional literature search on this subject as there are other important properties of alpha lipoic acid that were not mentioned.

For example, it inhibits glycosylation of proteins and therefore can reduce the incidence of many long-term diabetic complication. It also increases insultin sensitivity, even in slim, type 1 diabetics who are not insulin resistant. It should also be pointed out that while large doses are necessary to achieve many of the effects, the water-soluble version is effective in much lower doses. Inhibiting glycosylation of proteins usually reduces levels of HbA1c in people who take this product and means they can no longer use HbA1c results as an indication of average blood sugar.