Before & After: Joan Delaney

from Dr. Bernstein’s book “Diabetes Solution”
© 2007 by Richard K. Bernstein, M.D.

Joan Delaney is a fifty-three-year-old mother and financial editor. Her story is not unusual.

“I must admit that the prospect of following this new regimen for diabetes control seemed daunting at first. My life, I thought, would be dominated by needles, testing, and confusion. However, after a few weeks, the program became a simple part of my day’s routine, like putting on makeup.

“Before I became a patient of Dr. Bernstein, I was somewhat resigned to the probability of suffering complications from diabetes. Although I took insulin, I in no way felt I had control of the disease. I had leg pains at night. My hands and feet tingled. I had gained weight, having no understanding of the exchange diet my previous doctor had thrust into my hands. I became chronically depressed and was usually hungry.

“Now that I follow a blood sugar normalizing program I know I am in control of my diabetes, especially when I see that number normal most of the time on the glucose meter. Best of all, I feel good, both physically and emotionally. I am now thin. I eat healthful, satisfying meals and am never hungry. My leg pains have disappeared, as has the tingling in my hands and feet. And now that I am in control of the disease, I no longer find the need to hide from friends the fact that I have diabetes.”

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