ACCORD Glycemia Trial

May 2010
Diabetes Care

An American Diabetes Association spokesperson Dr. Richard Bergenstal (International Diabetes Center, Minneapolis, MN), who was involved with the ACCORD Glycemia trial but not with this new analysis, stated that, “When ACCORD was reported, everybody said, ‘Oh, I’m sure it was the rapid drop in the A1C,’ ‘I’m sure it was the lower A1C,’ ‘I’m sure it was the hypoglycemia,’ and none of those has proven to be true. It was important to see these data, to say that in the intensive group it really was not the people with lower A1C who had problems, it actually was those who had the higher A1C who, despite intense efforts, we couldn’t get under control.”

Diabetes Care May 2010; 33:983-990: Boyko EJ. ACCORD glycemia results continue to puzzle. Diabetes Care 33;1149-1150.