Dear Doctor Bernstein,

I am 68 years of age and I was diagnosed as having diabetes type 2 over two years ago. I attended lectures at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital UK on diabetes and they advocated a carbohydrate high fibre diet which was identical to the advice given to me by my own GP. I followed the exercise routine and stuck to the diet for approximately one year. I found that I could not rely on this regime of exercise and diet to maintain a low blood sugar level. I would for some ‘unknown’ reason, from time to time, find that after eating a recommended meal that my blood sugar level would rise and I would have to fast and take exercise to get my blood sugar level down again – (I was advised by the diabetes consultant at Bournemouth Hospital that I might want to consider taking medication to control my blood sugar levels).

After reading many books on diabetes my life changed when I bought a remarkable publication by Richard K. Bernstein MD entitled “The Diabetes Solution” (The complete guide to achieving normal blood sugar level). I followed the restricted carbohydrate diet that was advocated and within a week my blood sugar level was under control and has been absolutely normal for over a year!

I eat bacon and eggs, steak, fish, plenty of vegetables and salad and the occasional alcohol (more or less anything I want within reason and so much better than the previous tasteless and boring diet). I have cut out most of the starchy foods (potatoes, bread, spaghetti, rice etc., but I can enjoy fried fish and chips every so often with no ill effects,
and I do eat a slice or two of low calorie brown bread everyday and occasionally I have sandwiches from food outlets as I drive up the motorways. I drink soya milk in my tea and coffee when available but I have milk and cream in restaurants and even eat quarter pound burgers. I never ever have sauces on my food because I know that they may contain sugar.

I am now living a perfectly healthy life and I have regular checkups (blood and urine tests) with my GP and I still have completely normal blood sugar levels and my weight is OK.

I didn’t realise until I read Bernstein’s book what a devastating effect carbohydrates were having on me in raising my blood sugar level.

I just thought I would drop you a line in order to give you some feedback from someone who has been diagnosed as having diabetes type 2 and has overcome this condition by following your brilliant advice.

A happy New Year to you!
Best regards,
Leon Simmons

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