Dear Dr Bernstein:

I discovered I had a glucose problem because my diabetic brother-in-law had purchased your book and his meter test on me showed a blood glucose of 148 at 10:30 p.m., long after we had eaten.  Although I had recorded a fasting glucose of 124 on my annual medical tests, my doctor never mentioned the possibility of glucose intolerance.  She did an A1c test and it showed 5.2.  She told me based on that result, I was not diabetic.  I decieded to buy a Dex meter anyway and was not surprised when I showed a blood glucose of 158 two hours after eating my normal lunch of a sandwich and milk.  I started on your diet at the end of April with a cholesterol of 216 and my cholesterol as of last week is 145.  I am hoping to cut back on my cholesterol medication.  I have lost 9 pounds and my triglycerides have improved from a high of 173 to 81, my LDL is 86.  My HDL is not quite where I want it at 46, but I am going to try to exercise more.  My A1c dropped to 4.8.  I am able to keep my glucose levels fairly consistent; 42% are averaging 89 in the last couple weeks, but having a problem of being low from time to time.  Even though I am not Type I, I think this may be related to occasionally having a glass of wine with my meal.  I may have missed it in my dog-eared copy of your book, Diabetes Solution, but I wasn’t aware that I can have a reading of 59 when I am not taking insulin or glucophage.  You may want to talk about that in your next book.  I am very happy with these results.

I would like to share some recipes that I have developed, or improved from recipes off the Internet; the soy bread has been a great booster as I don’t feel so deprived of bread now that I can enjoy this and the rhubarb sauce is easy and quick to make and like eating fruit (forbidden).  It’s very good with DaVinci Blueberry Sauce.  I wish someone would write a comprehensive low carb cookbook.  The Diabetic Cookbooks are terrible for your diet. Thanks to Pat, by the way, for answering my question about Splenda.

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of the world and keep up the good work.  I’m sure normalizing my blood sugars is a great health benefit for me.  Hope you enjoy the recipes.

Best regards,
Betty Santa>
5867 S. Pike Lake Rd.
Duluth, MN 55811

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