Last year my blood sugars were once again out of control, “whack”, and once again I made my trip to Kaiser, and once again I was told to increase my dosage of Tolanase. I knew there was a better way, but fear, laziness, whatever kept me from doing anything. Asking the doctors at Kaiser about alternative treatments always brought the same lame advice: “eventually” you will be on insulin so there’s really nothing that can be done, except follow the ADA diet and exercise.

A series of lucky things changed all that. First my doctor retired (40), I got a new doctor, I got mad, and my wife’s friend, a nurse with a diabetic brother, was visiting from back east, as I was mid-rant about Kaiser and the medical profession.

She sent me Dr. Bernstein’s book, I immediately adopted the dietary plan and presto, my sugars are under control. Kaiser has told me 3 times that this will not work….over time, that I will have to go back to standard treatment methods; also told me that now my kidneys would probably start to fail; told me that they are aware of the significant lowering of sugar using Bernstein’s methods, BUT they weren’t allowed to tell me. I guess the prohibition about “killing the messenger” was lost on me at that time. They are now very open with me about many more things, but only because I caught them playing the “capitation” game.

Thanks, Dr. Bernstein.

Scott Kerns

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