I have had Type 1 diabetes for 25 years. I had a lot of different problems with it. I was waking up every day with sugars around 400. My doctor said it was probably because I was overmedicating myself at night and having hypoglycemia during the night, therefore bouncing back up before morning. I didn’t buy it.

I began searching the Internet for the missing link. I didn’t find it until I went to Amazon.com and typed in diabetes. I found Dr. Bernstein’s book and became instantly intrigued. I couldn’t wait to get the book. I found virtually all of my answers in it. I had been suffering from gastroparesis, that is delayed stomach emptying. That is why I was waking up with such high sugars. I followed Dr Bernstein’s directions and have almost completely changed the problem. Thank you for being the only doctor with diabetes I have ever run into. Thank you for changing my life.

“Carboless” For a Year

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