After reading your book, I was greatly encouraged and uplifted. I have had Type I diabetes for 14 years, and never seemed to get it under control. I have always been slightly overweight, and my bad control was blamed on my eating habits and inability to lose weight. But all along I was following the ADA diet and seeing a “diabetic” dietician. Of course, all this did was make me feel guilty for having diabetes, even though it was Type I and could not be controlled with diet. There was so much I did not understand, as like many of your readers have stated, there was no help from the medical community. Just do what the doctor says to do.

Now that I have read your book and started on this new program, my blood sugars have drastically improved, I lost 20 lbs, feel great, and have even taken up jogging because now I “feel” I can do it. It is so unfortunate that our doctors and diabetes educators whom we have literally put our lives into their hands, do not recognize the power of the psychological aspects of diabetes. By telling us why and how our bodies work you have given us the power to truly be in control of our diabetes. I truly believe the “guilt factor” keeps us on the roller coaster ride. Never once was it recommended to me to seek any kind of professional support to accept my diabetes and learn to accept this chronic condition without beating myself up. My doctor still insists I should see a dietician for weight loss, who keeps insisting on this worthless ADA diet regimen !!

I have not yet found a dietician/nurse educator to support my efforts with the low-carb plan. It is very frustrating, but I now have the confidence to go it alone a whole lot better. To me this is so unfortunate to have a disease which already makes you, to some degree, feel isolated from other people, and then to not have the medical support when you have found something that works is ludicrous!

For everyone who has tried this low-carb plan and seen it’s benefits, know that you are not alone. Someone has to be on the frontier of a new way of thinking, and I am glad to be a part of it with you!! All I can hope is that by so many people trying this, we can make a difference for the generations to come !

Lisa W.
Rochester, New York

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