I was fortunate enough that the first book I read after being diagnosed with type II diabetes was Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. At the time of diagnosis (August 1999) I weighed 228 lbs., wore a 22-24 dress size, and my bg reading was 253. (For some this might not seem that high, but I believe I had developed the disease within the last year–certainly less than three when I’d had my last physical).

The book made more sense than any of the others I read and I decided to try it. By December I was down to 192 lbs., was in a size 16, and had had normal (95-115) readings since the second week (I might have had them sooner, but I didn’t have my testing machine until then). As of June, I have lost a total of 53 lbs, am in a size 14, and my readings over the last two weeks have been 71-90. I feel fantastic, exercise 3 days a week, and tell everyone who asks how great the book is.

By the way, my total cholesterol was 330 and dropped 95 points within the first couple of months.

I plan to live a very long and healthy life. Thank you, Dr. Bernstein.

L. Knowles

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