After a week [of following Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution], I lost eight pounds, and my neurological symptoms were vastly improved.

Now, six months later, I have lost over forty pounds, my blood sugar level is nearly normal, and I feel better than I have in many years.

I have heard complaints about difficulties in following Dr. Bernstein’s diet. That hasn’t been true for me. Most importantly, the immediate improvement in my health made whatever sacrifices I was making at the table seem more than reasonable. Also, many delicious foods are still permissible. Don’t overlook the recipes in the book. My wife makes a sensational cheesecake a la Bernstein.

I am certain that Dr. Bernstein’s method of treatment has saved me from the dire consequences of uncontrolled blood sugars and vastly improved the quality of my life. Not a bad Fourth of July present after all.

R. Straus, New York

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