I was diagnosed a type 1 diabetic last June. I am 25 years old. Over the past year I have been “honeymooning”, which is a temporary condition where the beta cells function again and produce insulin. The “honeymoon” usually lasts a couple months, but I have prolonged it by keeping my numbers low through exercise and good diet – I thought.

Last week I felt that my honeymoon may be ending due to a slow increase in my blood sugars and was starting to have to use short acting insulin in addition to my normal dose of Nph (which was 3 units AM and 2 units PM…Low, I know, but wait…)

It has been 4 days now following Bernstein and I have NORMAL BLOOD SUGARS! After just 2 days of the new way of eating I am not needing ANY insulin and every day my fasting numbers are improving. What used to be a strong dawn effect (waking up 170-200) is now GONE! I range now between 76-100 all day!

I honestly feel like my body is repairing a year of damage, slowly, and I hope that if I stick to this I can prolong the honeymoon indefinitely!

Thank you Dr. Bernstein, you have given my life back to me.

Claire Burke

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